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Robert Yahnke | DIRECTOR/STORY


Born and raised in Houston, Texas, Robert’s love affair with the movies began at early age, growing up on the combination of premium cable and the VCR, where he could watch the same movies over and over again. But it was action movies that became his favorite genre, amazed by the chases, gunfights and explosions. This fascination with cinema was parlayed into a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Film Production from the University of North Texas in 2006. He continued his study of film at the University of Southern California’s School of Cinematic Arts where he graduated with a Masters of Fine Arts in Film Production.



Aaron Thomas has always dreamt big. Loving to fiddle with words from an early age, he set his sights on being a writer... but then he realized there was a better, more exciting way to bring those dreams to life: the movies! So he packed his bags and left behind his suburban Ohio origins to study screenwriting at the University of Southern California. Aaron has since returned to Ohio, but when he isn't working to make the Ohio General Assembly look good, he's slaving away on his screenplays and developing projects in the "kingdom of shadows."

Carlos Dorsey | PRODUCER


Born and raised in Los Angeles, Carlos Dorsey is a writer, producer, and director whose filmmaking embodies both his passion and creativity. He was born to both African American and Latino parents who gave him the foundation and outlook that he prides himself on today. Carlos attended UC Berkeley for his undergraduate studies, where he double majored in Film and Psychology. From there he took on a number of film projects to learn more about filmmaking. From PA to Producer, Carlos took every job he could and seized every opportunity to learn while doing. Soon he returned back to Los Angeles to continue filmmaking. Carlos eventually found work with an independent movie director in Los Angeles. He was given the opportunity to produce a feature film. This was the opportunity of a lifetime. But he found himself working to produce material he was uncomfortable making. This director specialized in low-brow Blaxplotation movies. Although he paid by offering free room and board in a private condo, Carlos ultimately decided that he would rather be homeless than to stay another day, making crap he did not believe in. So he left and decided to live in his car. A car he eventually sold, to raise money for the first film that Carlos would produce and direct himself. While sleeping on friend's couches in 2002, Carlos shot his first short film, Final Blues. This short went on to screen at eight film festivals. Since the film came in under budget, Carlos took that remaining $98 from his budget and shot his second short film, The Package. This film went on to screen in over 48 film festivals around the world. Carlos received numerous accolades for the writing, directing and overall creativity of each of these films. It was at this point, Carlos decided to return to school for his Masters in Cinema. He is a graduate of the University of Southern California. While at USC, Carlos continued to refine his vision. His films: Happenstance, The Night Before Christmas, and Not on the 1st Date have all been screened and been nominated for Best Student Film at a number of film festivals around the world. With his latest short, City of Angels, Carlos set out to tackle material the hits close to home. He not only wrote, produced and directed the film, but he edited and shot it as well. The subject matter deals with prison, rape and hopelessness in the City of Angels; L.A. Carlos is currently writing a feature version of this short film, City of Angels, as well as re-writing a feature script for Ctrl Alt Delete and two webisodes.


Andrew DeJohn | CO-PRODUCER


Andy was born and raised in Erie, Pennsylvania. Before his life in film, he studied comparative religion at Cornell University and then at the University of Chicago, where he received his M.A. in History of Religions. He then spent over three years teaching at a school for emotionally troubled youth, where he experienced first hand the incredible impact that art can have on peoples lives. Both the study of religion and working with children influence to this day the topics and themes of Andy's film work.


Richard King | CO-PRODUCER


Richard King grew up in the small Midwestern town of Festus, Missouri. After 19 years he moved to Miami and studied film at the University of Miami. Having been interested in films since he could open his eyes, he decided that studying them could be a good career move. After graduating in 2006, he moved to New Mexico and worked in various crew positions for the last four years. His latest venture has brought him to Los Angeles where he is finishing up his first year at the American Film Institute. In his first year alone he has solo produced three narrative shorts, three cinematographer's projects, and co-produced two more shorts. He is ready to take on the challenge of working with a bigger budget, larger crew and massive action scenes.


Jack Alexander is an award winning cinematographer based out of Los Angeles. He developed a passion for photography after taking a black and white photography class in high school. His love of photography led him to earn a degree in Photographic Imaging from Towson University, and it was there that he discovered a passion towards filmmaking. Jack brings a vibrant and unique style that is inspired by his background in art. In 2010 Jack earned an MFA from The School of Cinematic Arts at the University of Southern California. Jack has shot projects ranging from features, television, music videos, commercials, shorts, and web. His work has garnered awards such as the Cine Golden Eagle Award, Emerging Filmmaker Award: Singafest, and Best of Show: Accolade Television Awards. In addition his work has screened at film festivals such as, The New York Television Festival, the LA Asian Pacific Film Festival, and the New Filmmakers NY.


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Todd was born in San Diego, California, had a deep rooted interest in film at a very early age. Growing up, money was always tight so vacations and weekends were never full of international travel or trips to Disneyland, but instead a stop at the local Video Bank. The Gibbs family would be lost in several movies a night, with films of all languages and genres. When the end credits would roll, everyone went around critiquing the film, adding thier own elements and telling their own versions of the story. When it came time for college, Todd was granted a fulll scholarship to the Architecture School at the University of Southern California. His imagination for film and his technical abilities to draw seemed somewhat impractical for the world of architecture, fine art and film. Upon graduation, Todd was accepted into the Art Center College of Desing in Pasadena, where he continued his studies in Industrial and Entertainment Design. Working on several films and maintaining his industrial clients, he resides in Los Angeles and works with his co-collaborator and teammate Allison Isenberg.



Allison grew up in a family of artists and from a young age was encouraged to express her creative mind. Inspired by her great grandmother's paintings and photography, she left her home of Prairie Village, Kansas to pursue a degree in Fine Art from the University of Michigan. Allison currently resides in Los Angeles and works as a freelance production designer with her partner in crime, Todd Gibbs.

Gray Marshall | EDITOR


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Colton Weatherston | MUSIC

Colton Weatherston is an Adcraft award-winning composer best known as the music producer for Dax Shepard’s 2012 feature “Hit and Run”. He composed the theme song for the 2012 PBS show “Testing Milton Friedman” as well as dozens of advertising jingles, notably for Tostitos, Cadillac Motor Co., Serta, Ford Motor Co., See’s Candy, Chevrolet Camaro., Obama For America, and the United States Navy. A 2012 Richard Bellis ASCAP Foundation Fellow, Colton won the 2011 ‘Alice and Joe Harnell Award’ for film scoring at USC and the ‘Evangeline L. Dumesnil Scholarship’ in 2005 at Wayne State University.

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