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Alex Mason

Code Name: Shrike


Aliases: Alex McBride

              David LeRoque

              Alexei Dmitrovitch

              Enrique Calderon


DOB: 6/24/81


Status: Point Man - Active



Alex Mason is one of the world's best secret agents. Too bad his relationships aren't as successful. Using his cover as a travel writer, he travels constantly, which his controlling girlfriend, Monica Delacroix, becomes convinced is more for pleasure than business. After constant, incorrect accustations of infidelity, the relationship becomes strained. While on a mission to stop an arms dealer from supplying a dictator with weapons, Monica's newest accusation becomes the last straw. He returns home after breaking up with her to find she has discovered his true occupation as a spy and has begun exacting her revenge. With his cover now blown, he comes face to face with the arms dealer still searching for him.

Monica Delacroix

DOB: 3/27/82


Status: Alex Mason's ex-girlfriend - Extremely dangerous



Monica was raised by a mother who was constantly mistreated by her father. Vowing never to let a man treat her the same, she grew up to be a cold, conniving woman. She began dating Alex Mason after seeing the advantages: a meal ticket and a man so desperate for a relationship, she could control him as she pleased. Jealous that Alex travels the world as a writer for a travel magazine and she's never invited to come along, she becomes convinced Alex is constantly cheating on her. Her perfect life comes crashing down when Alex breaks up with her after another false accusation while he's away. Furious and out for revenge, she discovers Alex's true occupation as spy. Determined to have the last word, she blows his cover to the criminals who are now looking for him and brings the fight to his doorstep.

Darien Quinn

DOB: Unknown


Status: Arms Dealer - Extremely dangerous



Born into poverty and coming from the street gangs of the UK, Darien Quinn has vowed to prove to the criminal underworld how dangerous he can be by aligning himself with the rogue military government of Val Verde as its sole weapons supplier. When Alex Mason manages to get close to Darien's criminal organization and steal his weapons supply that was enroute to Val Verde, Darien is determined to get his guns back. When Alex escapes his capture, Darien is desperate to find him, but has no idea who Alex really is... that is until someone comes forward with the information to destroy Alex's world.

Jennifer Parker

DOB: 12/5/83


Status: Alex's best friend



Jennifer has been Alex's best friend since college. She's everything Alex could ever want in a girlfriend, (namely being that she is the exact opposite of Monica), though he's too blind to see it and she lacks the courage to tell him how she feels. While their friendship has never been anything more than just that, Monica has always been jealous of her. When Alex's cover is blown, Jennifer is thrust into the fray, caught between a desperate arms dealer and a vengeful ex. It is here that Jennifer discovers the truth about Alex and he discovers some truths about her as well.

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